Black beans and musrooms fajitas – meatless Monday on budget

Black beans and musrooms fajitas – meatless Monday on budget

Black Bean and Mushroom Fajitas

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
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Quick inexpensive and easy vegan meal

This was among several recipes originally published on Spoon University in article titled How to Make a Week’s Worth of Vegan Lunches and Dinners for $20  I added the option to use meatless fajita strips  however I prepared without and it was a filling flavorful meal. I used sriracha salsa to add a flavorful kick. Multiply ingredient amounts for more servings.


  • two cups mushrooms
  • one cup corn
  • one cup black beans
  • two corn tortillas
  • half cup spinach or other greens
  • salsa of choice
  • meatless fajita strips (optional)


Sautee mushrooms in saucepan for about three minutes with vegetable oil or broth. Salt and pepper to taste. Add black beans and corn and cook down. In a separate pan heat the tortillas on both sides until lightly golden. Put the mushrooms beans and corn mix on the tortillas, add greens and salsa. Enjoy

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