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Oaklake Trails – Guest Review

Review of Oaklake Trails Nudist Park By Cle Lame

So let’s start before the trip. Marketing is a big thing if a club can’t figure out how to market they can wind up sinking. Oaklake Trails hasn’t quite figured this out. They have a newsletter for members, a twitter that mainly just posts what is already in their newsletter, a youtube channel that literally hasn’t had any activity in three years, a few interviews on a local radio station, and that’s it. Odds are you won’t run across this place unless you are specifically searching for naturist clubs in Oklahoma and even then it might be difficult. Then again I wound up there so ya know.

Next let’s talk about getting in the park is open to anyone who passes a small background check (have you been kicked out of another naturist venue, are you on a watch list, etc.). The pricing is fair at $25 a day for the day fees (if you are in their “student” age range) and $16 a night for the tent camping fee. Finally they have no single male policy (always a bonus for me).

How about the amenity’s? Well I didn’t try everything but of what I did (the pools, a couple of trails, the hot tub, and the bistro. The pools were awesome they were always the right temperature the water was always nice and clean and that’s where I met the most interesting people.

The hot tub was similar it was the perfect temperature and the jets were super soothing. Just overall very awesome.

The trails were also very good I was a little disappointed that none of the lakes are maintained for swimming and then there’s the horse flies on the trails good lord but otherwise amazing.

Finally the bistro the food was delicious and more than filling enough so while I did not always manage to finish all of my food I enjoyed every bite of what I did have.

Like I said earlier I didn’t participate in many of the activities I got there to late for water aerobics and I skipped out on their survivor games thing. What I listed earlier is all I did but it was very enjoyable.

Okay now let’s get into some personal preference territory. I personally do not believe that clothing optional works as well as most seem to it gives people an out and helps vouyers hide themselves. I also hold that going to a naturist venue and wearing clothes is like going to vegan restaurant and ordering veal coated in butter with milk as the drink. I hold that the staff at a naturist venue should be as naked as the guests. So Oaklake Trails is clothing optional everywhere but the pool and hot tub where nudity is mandatory. They sell wraps for women to wear. While most of the staff is nude I never saw anyone who worked at the bistro naked (but I guess that is a little more understandable (handling food and especially hot food) but nonetheless these are things that could make someone who is naked uncomfortable.


Overall it was very enjoyable in almost every way despite some issues with bugs and some of their allowances going against my personal naturist values. Anyway I thank everyone I met while there as well as the staff who clearly work hard to make Oaklake Trails enjoyable.

Cle Lame
Oaklake Trails Review

Place Name: Oaklake Trails Nudist Park

Place Description: Oaklake Trails Naturist Park is the largest Family, Clothing Optional, Naturist/Nudist Resort in Oklahoma and one of the largest in the USA. The Park sits on over 400 acres and has several hundred members.

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While I would say that I have been a naturist for many years at least six. But it wasn’t until June 30th 2017 that I went to my first naturist venue of any kind. I had researched for weeks the only 2 landed clubs in Oklahoma, they are Nature’s Hideaway and Oaklake Trails.

  • Pool/hot tub
  • Marketing
  • Hiking trails
  • Food service
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