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Should I share this picture? guest post nat – my nude beaches

This may also happened to you. It has been a busy week. It’s cold outside. You just want to chill out for the whole weekend. And then you find that wonderful picture. It is a woman relaxing in natural hot springs. Naked in nature, oblivious to the hectic urban life. The light is perfect. The pose is perfect. You can feel the peace. You want to be there. No, you NEED to be there. Nude of course, because you are a nudist. And you want to shout it to everybody: This is what I want to do right now!


And then, with a click, you share the photo with all your contacts. Perfect, isn’t it?

Perfect? Are you sure? I mean, there may be some reasons not to do it.

First, we tend to assume that everything is free on the internet, but that is not true. Photographs are works of art, and only the photographer has the right to use them. It’s always a good idea to check if the picture has been released under a suitable license, and at least to atribute the work. This is not only a legal issue (specially if you are using the image for commercial purposes), but also a matter of respect to the author.

Second, you have to ask yourself if your followers will understand your message. Will they see somebody chilling out, or just a beautiful naked girl? Does the picture shows a typical naturist attitude, or a model posing in the nude for art? Is it clear that you are focusing on the act, rather than in the person? Would it be the same if the model was an old man? And if she was wearing clothes? Perhaps you should consider adding some words to explain it…

And finally, perhaps the most important question. Do you think the person in the picture would like you to share her image? Was it a private photo that somehow appeared on the internet? (think about revenge porn) Is it a respectful image? Was it taken with her consent? Would you share it if it was you the person in the photo?

Don’t expect to find here the criteria to choose “good” or “bad” pictures. I don’t have a set of rules, it’s not as simple as that. It all depends on what is your aim when you decide to publish an image. But don’t you think that sometimes we should be more careful and think twice before doing it?

(this photograph of model Alexia has been taken by David Levine and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

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