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The story

Imagine living through a Ground Hog Day experience naked. Yep naked, that is the premise of the new Netflix original movie Naked. Rob Anderson (played by Marlon Waynans) wakes up on his wedding day naked in an elevator. He makes every attempt to make it to his wedding and his betrothed but is returned to the elevator naked after an hour to relive that hour again, starting each hour off without clothes.

From this initial premise “Naked” evolves into add a bit of romantic comedy. Lead Marlon Wayans and the rest of the cast (which includes some familiar faces) give serviceable comedic performances.

Clothes free elements

Though the main character Rob spends a significant part of the movie without clothes, the nudity is all implied. Simple nudity is not expressed in positive terms, rather it is the main source for comedic elements of the movie. Which leads to negative depictions and comments.


In the end while the story, acting and production are decent, “Naked” is a predictable romantic comedy.  Nudity is used as a prop for laughs. It lacks the poignancy, creativity and inventiveness of Ground Hog Day. The elements of romantic comedy are overshadowed by nude hijinks. I rate it 3.1 out of 5 stars

Check out “Naked” available for viewing exclusively on Netflix

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