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What is freedom?

As the 4th of July approaches we hear the term freedom more and more. What is freedom? Does it conjure up images of the founding fathers gathered as the determine a course of action to rid themselves of the King’s rule? Maybe your grandfather as he marched through France during WWII. As important as those are, I found freedom to be closer, and much more innocent, than I had ever thought.

Photo by engyles

Today I watched a mother, Tina, playing with her almost 2 yr old son on what is similar to a slip n slide. Now is where you ask, What does this have to do with freedom? See Tina is not your typical mother. She was raised here at our clothing optional resort by her mother, our neighbor. It was while watching these two splashing and giggling nude that I realized Tina was celebrating her most basic freedom. The freedom to raise her child in the same healthy and nurturing environment that she was raised in. The place where she was taught respect and acceptance. The very things she is now passing on to her son. It’s always a joy to see three generations interacting with each other as any other family would, but with a lot less laundry.

So as you celebrate our freedom this 4th remember that it’s not just about founding fathers and fireworks. It’s also about bare butts and beach towels!
Have a happy and safe holiday everyone.



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