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What Hanlan’s Nude Beach Means to Toronto’s Queer Community (via Torontoist)

The beach will re-open on July 31 after being closed to the public since May due to extensive flooding.

Toronto Island Park, including Hanlan’s Point, will reopen Monday. In his announcement, Mayor John Tory said, “For many Torontonians summer isn’t complete without a visit to the Toronto Islands.” But for the LGBTQ community, this is an understatement. Hanlan’s Point is an historic LGBTQ site and, for our community, visiting it is a time-honoured tradition.

Running down the western coast of Toronto Island Park, Hanlan’s Point Beach has been flooded for most of the summer. Well above average rainfall since early April caused Lake Ontario’s water levels to rise higher than they had in decades, at times putting more than 40 per cent of the Toronto Islands underwater. The average Toronto resident probably found the loss of most of Toronto’s beaches for most of the summer distressing, but there are a few communities for whom Hanlan’s Point Beach is particularly significant.

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