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first time naturist venue report – Oaklake Trails

First time visit to a naturist  venue – Oaklake Trails Nudist Park guest submission by Cle Lame


I have considered myself a naturist for several years now starting with an experience when I was young where I got naked in my backyard and realized that I didn’t feel guilty for doing so later on I started to research public nudity this led my to naturism/nudism and eventually to the Naturist Living Show podcast where I learned a lot about the history of naturism and also developed my thoughts and opinions of many issues and situations relating to naturism. I was at least a closet nudist from then on.

First time

While I would say that I have been a naturist for many years at least six. But it wasn’t until June 30th (around two weeks ago as of this writing) that I went to my first naturist venue of any kind. I had researched for weeks the only 2 landed clubs in Oklahoma, they are Nature’s Hideaway and Oaklake Trails. Nature’s Hideaway seemed nice enough but their website was a messy disaster their marketing was simultaneously horrendous and non-existent and so it wasn’t until I called to pre-register that I learned that I couldn’t go unless I convinced another member of my family to go with me (they are couples and family only and I am single) and being only an 18 year-old with no family that is any more than okay with me being a naturist (I only came out in the last six months) that wasn’t happening. Oaklake Trails on the other hand while they didn’t have much more marketing out on the web their website was much neater and I was actually able to find all of the information that I needed and they did in fact allow singles so there I was.

I asked my mom to loan me some money and drop me off while her and a friend went to the Hard Rock in Tulsa and she did (mostly because she thought that this whole naturism thing was a phase and that I would at least lose interest if I went once) and we decided that I needed to stay overnight so that I could attend church service there.

The trip

So I woke up early friday grabbed my stuff and we headed out it took about an hour to go to Oklahoma city and pick up Mom’s friend then about an hour and a half more to make it to Depew Oklahoma and Oaklake Trails. We then called in, got the gate opened, and drove up to the office which to my Mom’s dismay was inside the park so she saw more nudity than she intended to. Anyway I walked into the office and got signed in which thanks to the member on staff only took about 2 minutes despite him also helping someone else sign in and selling a third person a bag of ice. My mom then went ahead and dropped me at my campsite and left.

The first thing I did was strip down because it was extremely hot out I was ready and eager to take my first steps into the real social nudism experience. I then pitched my tent and decided what I wanted to do first. Well I felt the answer to that was obvious swim! So showered real quick and hoofed it to the pool. It was amazing the pool was just the right temperature the people were really friendly and despite my own social anxiety I had some great conversations with different people. I learned that I had arrived not to long after they had finished renovating their clubhouse.


I then decided that I wanted to try the hiking trails they were awesome but it didn’t seem like they were used often and the horse flies were pretty bad but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. I also all of my meals at their restaurant the Bare Bistro again really good.

I spent most of my time in the pool but there were a few different activities I joined in. around the afternoon a group of people decided to play twister and despite my reservations I decided to join in one round but mostly I just watched. The big event was their fourth of July fireworks show and dance. The fireworks were really great but I was very tired towards the end of them and went to bed early so I missed the dance. When I got back to my tent I discovered I could not get my cot to open up in my tent and that I had pitched my tent on a lot more sticks than I had thought however the person in the tent next to me had brought a spare air mattress and was kind enough to let me use it for the night..

The next morning I ate breakfast swam a bit and then went to church. The sermon was very interesting but it was all over the place (and mostly improvised) so it was a bit hard to follow.

Finally I swam for another hour or so then it was time to go.

Overall it was very enjoyable in almost every way despite some issues with bugs. Anyway I thank everyone I met while there as well as the staff who clearly work hard to make Oaklake Trails enjoyable.

Cle Lame

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2 thoughts on “first time naturist venue report – Oaklake Trails

  1. I think we missed that weekend but so glad you visited our resort. Hope you make it back and yes bring some spray for the horseflies, they can be quite annoying.

    1. I do definitely hope to visit again. By the way I just learned that you have me blocked on twitter any idea why?

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