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get naked with nothing to hide – simple nudity comes to mainstream advertising

It may have started with that Elave Nothing to Hide ad but it seems more and more mainstream companies are using simple nudity to tout the natural character of their products.

Recently the cosmetics company lush used simple nudity in their Get Naked campaign to tout their reduction of unnecessary packaging for their products. Employees voluntarily stripped down to nothing but aprons with the Get Naked slogan.

Lush is just one of several mainstream companies to pick up one the naturalness of nude recreation and clothes free life. Drug Store chain Walgreens suggested that they have us covered with everything we need including sunscreen for a seize the moment trip to a nude beach.

Likewise the guys of nude dudes candles hawk their soy based candles bare except for aprons with the company name.

Small businesses aren’t the only ones tapping into the natural simplicity of clothes free life.  Tech giant Google compared the simple design of its OnHub router to the simple clothes free life expericned by the folks as Cypress Cove nudist resort in Florida. They even filmed the ad their with real residents.

Some musicians are also engaging. Musician Brandon Channing filmed a music video for a cut from a recent solo album at the Bare Oaks Naturist Resort featuring real naturists.

Researchers suggest that the use of nudity in advertising yields mixed results. They suggest this is particularly true when the nudity is sex related. This should been seen as a positive if it suggest that simple non sexual nudity gets a more positive reception.

The mixed results of these studies highlight the complexity of the per- suasiveness of this type of appeal. For example, some researchers have found that brand and product message recall decline when nudity is de- picted within the advert. Conversely, the use of nudity in advertising has been shown to affect positively respondents’ thoughts in relation to ad- vert execution, attitudes towards the advert, the brand and purchase in- tentions. – The Influence of Product/Nudity Congruence on Advertising Effectiveness (Sherman, Quester 2005)

So how does the  naturist and nudist community respond to the recent positive depictions of simple nudity in the mainstream? It remains to be seen. What is good about the recent depictions is that all kinds of people with different bodies, races and ages are seen doing ordinary things while simply being clothes free. This is what nu gymnosophy is all about. I hope it can be leveraged to cultivate a positive path for the future acceptance of simple nudity in the philosophy and practice of clothes free living.

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4 thoughts on “get naked with nothing to hide – simple nudity comes to mainstream advertising 

  1. sou naturista a 45 anos naturista naturalmente de corpo e alma e quero fazer parte do grupo aguardo uma resposta abraços nelo

  2. The Elave video doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

    Anyway, fun fact about the Elave ad. The woman speaking is the actress Tyler-Jane Mitchel, mostly known for her role in Outrageous Fortune and Amazing Extraordinary Friends. She was also in 3 episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

    Another fun fact, the woman who owns the company can be seen in the background at one point.

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