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My first time at a Naturist Event

I very recently took my first step into public social nudity by attending a naturist event at High Beeches Gardens in West Sussex, England. I visited alone and I want to share my experience  – particularly with any non naturists.

My first naturist event

Yesterday I attended my first ever naturist event I visited alone and thought I would be nervous. I was surprised that I was not, as I drove to the beautiful gardens of High Beeches in West Sussex. I felt calm and content and excitement at the same time. It was an event where clothing was not optional so I knew I had to be totally nude.

On arrival there was a sign asking people to disrobe in the car park. This was useful as I had no idea of the protocol required for such an event. I parked up to see other naturists doing just that, so I jumped out of my car and removed my sundress leaving me as nature intended.  I wandered over to the kiosk, chatted with the woman and another naturist about the beautiful weather as I paid my entrance fee. Armed with a map of the gardens I headed off to explore the 27 acres of woodland and water gardens.

The gardens

It was  a lovely sunny day and the gardens were spectacularly beautiful. The rhododendrons were in various stages of bloom and the open areas were amass with oxide daisies and wild orchids. The water gardens and pond were a tranquil setting to sit and enjoy the beauty of the place.  It’s a large gardens. I found myself feeling at ease and contented as I wandered around nude, feeling totally at one with nature.

There were a mix of naturists there. Some lone men and some couples. I appeared to be the only solo female. They were all very friendly and I chatted with several about naturism and the beautiful setting. It was not odd or scary, that I was nude whilst speaking with my fellow nudists.  It was totally comfortable and natural.

What an incredible experience

It was a most enjoyable experience and one that I will definitely do again. I cannot see how anyone, whether naturist or not could not enjoy such a freeing and liberating experience.

My message to any non naturists/nudists reading this, is please do try to feel the joy and freedom that being nude in nature brings. Naturism is such a liberating and freeing experience and my first time being socially nude in nature was an incredible experience!

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