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What a fabulous read! Seems now its not only me hoping my wife will shed her clothes at a resort or beach as well as our private pool on holiday! Number 1 son follows me in a dislike of clothes…so maybe we can all as a family follow this book!!

I loved the quick humorous read….from departing London Luton with his pants down to driving the Renault Clio to La Jenny.

La Jenny sounds ideal…the sun shines and clothes aren’t needed. I also agree with John that swimwear just makes you feel cold when wet! Loved hearing about how he trusted a few work colleagues with the knowledge he was going to a naturist resort….and the fact that whilst there they went shopping in their towels!

I laughed out loud at John being observed by E chatting to a fellow  naked Brit!!

John even mentions the dreaded “erection” word – saying that apart from being closed doors, even the beautiful ladies on the resort didn’t make it happen!!

As a psoriasis sufferer, its good to read that naturism helps psoriasis…I’ve long said my Summer dips in the North Sea help my psoriasis!! Now I’ve more evidence to take the family to a beach in Spain that I recall my sister and I walking along in the 80s…we named it the “beach of beards”!!

Thanks John for a very quick addictive read…I’m a BN member and will drop you a line!!

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