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a book in the works

After a great deal of thought and deliberation I have decided to write a book. The purpose is dual in nature, one personal and the other much more broad.  First to express in semi-autobiographical fashion my experience with the nudist/naturist community. Second to address the absence of stories of  people of color particularly African American folks in naturist story as it is told today. The title draws on two sources of inspiration. First and most significant the 1961 movie classic A Raisin in the Sun staring Sidney Poitier (more known to some through the movie To Sir with Love). That movie explores the barriers to upward mobility and  full inclusion in American society faced by a black family. Likewise this book with explore historical and cultural barriers to the full inclusion of black people in the modern naturist community. The second inspiration is drawn from the historical thread that comes from my ancestors who originated on the African continent and were people of the sun drawn to its benefits gifts and power.

So this will be both homage and self expression in the form of historical fiction. Stay tuned if this subject matter resonates with you.

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