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The introverted naturist

Introvert naturist – This may strike you as odd. In that case: read on. If it doesn’t then you know where I’m coming from. Still: read on. Maybe something good comes from this anyway.

Being a naturist

naturist alone in the woods
Me in a German forest during a nude walk.

We all know that naturism is something we all enjoy. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here. If anything has brought me freedom it was naturism, the actual being out of clothes. And I do enjoy that very much, be it at the local nude beach or anywhere in nature where I’m not scaring people. It’s a good thing for me to live in Europe where people are much more accepting of nudity than for instance the US of A from where I hear horror stories at times.

Being an introvert

This is where things begin to get complicated. Since the nude beach is the perfect place to take off all clothes and worries, it’s the perfect place to go to in order to do that. But I’m an introvert. A very introverted introvert, almost down to the level of being a sociophobe. (And yes, that should be a word.)

Woman in jar
Happily introverting

I prefer to stay away from people. Which is difficult when it’s a great day and lots of folks assemble on the nude beach.

Yes, I know, it sounds dumb. Most people I know don’t understand how this feels. Even worse, they try to help by inviting people like me to parties and other crowded places to get over it. Unfortunately, despite their good intentions, those things don’t help at all. If anything they make it worse.

This doesn’t mean I never go to a nude beach or a party. I just need a lot of time to mentally prepare for it, and I need my time alone/away after that. That in turn can be ‘sad’ because usually the weather to go to the nude beach is there for many days. I can only go one day. Maybe you recognise this.

If so, I’d love to hear from you how you deal with this in a naturist setting. If you don’t recognise this, be happy about that. If you know people who seem to shy away from company, there’s a good chance you know an introvert. Some of us don’t try to explain ourselves, we just are known as recluses or hermits. That doesn’t mean we’re anti-social even when it looks like that. We’re just selectively social. To the point where we can take it.

Alone is not bad

Naturist alone on the beach
Walk on Fuerteventura

Many people connect being alone to being lonely. That’s not true. I know people who are always in the middle of large groups, yet they are the loneliest people in existence.

I love being alone. I love, need and crave my solo vacations to places where I can be naked and do my crazy long walks (12 km / 8 miles is fabulous). I appreciate social media. They fill up the ‘hole’ that I might experience by not having a social life and they offer me the option to stay away without having to answer all those questions where I was and such things.

Well, I think this is a wrap for this post. Thank you for reading all the way down here. I appreciate it, as will many other introverts. I hope it created a little understanding. If you have questions, please ask them. I’ll do my best to answer as clearly as I can.

Have fun, everyone. And be nude. Be happy and healthy. Either alone or in a group as large as you like.


About the author: zjuzdmeorg

P.Z. Walker.
Author of naturist fantasy and science fiction, and clothesfreelifer. Advocating the clothes free life not only by writing about it but also living the life, as long as weather and circumstances permit.

6 thoughts on “The introverted naturist

  1. This is a great piece that many will appreciate. The valuable point you’ve made is that people can enjoy naturism / clothes free living, be in the environment (e.g. long hikes), and so forth on their terms without making themselves into something they aren’t. We don’t need to be anything that isn’t true to us.

    Always funny (or not) how people are constantly seeking to “fix” or “cure” introverts. There’s nothing “wrong” with us. I’m along the spectrum of introversion.

    I will say that, depending on the person, some (though not all) who are more extroverted in such settings actually came off a bit too pushy for me. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I’m a woman. But, I find that those who pride their “social” giddiness are a bit too forward in a way that feels encroaching and unnatural to me. Not that I mind talking with people. Just every now and then some do come off as way too forward, like trying too hard.

    For my needs, if I’m at a social event, I like to take lots of breaks to go back to the camp tent and read, write, listen to nature, gaze out, or nap. I actually nap quite a bit, because it’s a lot of stimulus for me to be so directly connected to nature and then to also be engage with people at workshops and so forth. Sitting outside period in that setting when I’m clothes free, it’s like nature is talking to me all day. Anyway, fun, things I enjoy at the various workshops and shows, …and… I definitely take frequent breaks to restore at center back at the tent. And by the end of the day, which is quite early, I am super ready to capstone it by cooking camp dinner, reading, everything back at the tent. That home base is super important to me.

  2. Great blog, I can subscribe most of your words. The only difference is that a book is everything I need to be alone in the beach, no matter how many other people are around me.

  3. There is a powerful, insightful book that I think everyone should read, especially if you consider yourself to be introverted in any way whatsoever: Quiet, The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain.

  4. I have participated in several discussions on nudist Internet forums about nudist introverts. That there are so many is not surprising because statistically, about half of the population is introverted to some degree. What surprises me is that many say they are less introverted in nude venues. I too am very introverted, but less so while at nude clubs or nude beaches. This seems like a topic which is ripe for study by some psychologist.

    1. I congratulate you on being so lucky. After 1 visit to the nude beach I can’t go for at least 10 days. That would be too much. Even though the people there are really nice, not pushy in any way.

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