Nudism/Naturism: Not so easy for celebrities and politicians

Nudism/Naturism: Not so easy for celebrities and politicians

Imagine if the president of the United States and his wife wanted to be practising nudists. Their lifestyle would be very restricted, to say the least, far more so than the average naturist. They couldn’t stroll along the shore of a public naturist beach, even with their security people in tow. The reason: the paparazzi and other media types would be snapping pictures of them and posting them online.

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4 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Not so easy for celebrities and politicians

  1. The problem is the paparazzi and the media. They create the atmosphere that we need to see celebrities and dignitaries nude and then talk about how inappropriate they are for enjoying some clothes free time. This really works because they (media) have made voyeurs of most of society.

    1. I don’t blame the media or paparazzi. That’s like blaming the prn industry for the things we retweet because they make prn available. We all have the ability to choose what we watch or look at. The media is only providing what people choose to look at. IMO we made them not the other way around. If we were not behaving voyueristically they would not provide that stuff because their only insterest is to get viewers and make money doing so.

  2. Indeed!
    It is difficult to comprehend that when one of our famous people is spotted enjoying themselves, the press must make a big deal of the “crime” that was committed by that activity as though every one else’s privacy was invaded.
    The joys and necessities of (un)dressing for the occasion ought to be understood by now without any mock surprise. We even like to make a federal case of a man without the proper necktie in some situations!

  3. yeh , at the present time it would be hard, but hey if all the world would become accustomed to the nudist lifestyle it would not be such a big deal and the photographers would soon disappear , other president and there wife engaged in skinny dipping and the nudist life style. . and that was at time when people had a little more common sense. Hopefully one day we naturist/nudists, have our rights in this world.

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