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birthday suit yoga december clothes free yogi profile

What does a clothes free yogini do when it’s her birthday? Birthday suit yoga of course! Our clothes free yogi profile features someone who is a newer follower to our Instagram feed. We were immediately drawn to her outspoken engaging posts and her loving expression of clothes free yoga poses. In this profile she shares her thoughts on the sensual but not sexual nature of clothes free yoga. We are thrilled to be celebrating the birthday our December clothes free yogi you should know. Thanks you Niecy you for sharing her birthday yoga practice and thoughts. Happy birthday.

CFL – Tell us about your yoga practice when did you start? How did you learn? What do you get out of it?

I discovered yoga through Dance, and I took my first class ever in 2009. We often practiced warm ups influenced by vinyasa Yoga before getting into technique. I lost the little connection I had to yoga once I went to college in 2011, but I slowly discovered it again in 2013. Making it about 3 years since I’ve established a conscious and consistent practice. I learn from various teachers and DVDs, and I eventually learned to teach myself inversions and arm balances. I’ve always felt a burning blissful connection to Yoga. It makes me feel at ease, and I absolutely love the sense of accomplishment it gives me. It’s had an overall positive impact on my life and that’s what makes it so important to me.

CFL – Why do you practice yoga clothes free? What are the benefits or drawbacks?

I can’t even recall the actual point where I specifically decided to adopt a nude practice, but every morning (for as long as I can remember) stretching in the morning was just a natural daily ritual. Once I began to understand yoga past a beginner’s perspective, practicing naked just sort of came about. It was not until this year, however, that I made my naked practice public. I suppose the answer to the question is, I practice clothes free yoga because it feels natural to me. It is like my diary, where I can let everything out with no concern about judgement or embarrassment. It’s just something for me to admire. Of course, when we speak publicly, it also warms my heart to be so well received by a whole world of beautiful, strong clothes free yogis. The only drawback I have had faced thus far, was gathering the courage to make my practice public. It took me a while to let go of the worries about what others think, but I have definitely let go of that concern at this point.

CFL – You post your clothes free yoga or as you call it your ‘birthday suit yoga’ on social media. Have you had to deal with any inappropriate responses or misunderstanding about why you do that? If so how do you adresss it?

I have gotten more than enough of some rather inappropriate responses. Initially, it irritated me, because I have a difficult time assuming people understand me. I then went through a phase of draining rants and extensive captions defending my decisions, but then I realized that people just don’t see things the way I do. If someone were to send me an inappropriate picture or message today, I would simply block them. I know that my intention ls are clear, regardless of what others think and I will continue to share my art with people who are willing to openly receive it. As for everyone else… I’ll just ignore them.

CFL – You sometimes describe yourself as a nudist in your social media profile. What does being a nudist mean to you?

When I call myself a nudist, I basically am just identifying with people that are mentally and physically comfortable with being nude. There’s no certain type of nudist, and you don’t have to be naked all the time. We just prefer to be naked, and when we are naked, we don’t have to think twice about it.

CFL – Other than doing clothes free yoga do you spend much time clothes free in everyday life?

I spend a great deal of my time clothes free. I’m a home body, so daily chores like cooking or cleaning are definitely done in my most comfortable state. I do have male roommates though, so out of respect for them I wear a robe when I’m not home alone!

CFL – Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Living the clothes free life helped me to accept and love my body 100%. I can’t hide from anything when I’m nude. For most of us, clothes cover the scars and body parts we’re ashamed of. You can wear certain colors and garments to alter your appearance in its natural state. People who are willing to take their clothes off AND post it to Social Media are saying ‘thank you’ to the scars for helping them grow. They’re saying ‘I appreciate you’ to the stretch marks, cellulite and rolls. That’s bravery! That’s LOVE!!

Love N Peace, Niecey

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