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Dick pics and shower boobs are stupid problems to have.

Sarong-fear is a stupid problem to have.

Naturist content theft is a stupid problem to have.

And as things culminated over the past several weeks, I found myself asking, “Is it worth it anymore?”
1ez8b4A few days ago, I did some Flickr fall cleaning. A review of users’ comments, posts and favorites revealed that about one third of the 34 folks following me had tipped into the sexuality realm. Blocked. I also unfollowed others. People’s favorites and crotch-motivated commentary speak louder than profile claims. I’ve seen this trend consistently across platforms, so it wasn’t this alone that frustrated me.

I also observed that some groups and organizations do not promote naturism/nudism/clothes free living well. Many lift random images from wherever and write over them without knowing the original context of the photo or crediting the people in them. I actually know some of the people in those images, and I’m not sure that the messages imposed on them have anything to do with what is actually going on. Several organizational accounts behave this way: Take, Type, Tweet.

To add to that, some naturist/nudist “organizations” poach content from each other. My own material has been lifted from this site and thrown in a random magazine without the slightest bit of communication with me. Some naturist/nudist organizations steal clothes free life product images and don’t bother to credit or link to the shop’s site. Other sites have copied concepts from others claiming to be doing something “new” and “exciting” (eye roll).

Then there are the naturists who want to force everyone to be naked, even when a venue is officially clothing optional. No matter how much they claim to be proud and well-practiced in naturism, they still feel threatened by clothing and think that cotton and rayon are the root of all evil.

woo-hooAll of this led to a moment of, “Why bother anymore?”

At the office last Tuesday, I got  slammed with requests to work over the US Thanksgiving holiday. As I sat under the weight of that while also dealing with some personal issues, all I could think was, these problems in the naturist/nudist/clothes free community are so ridiculous in comparison to everything else going on.

[/one_half][one_half_last]Why put up with the behavior, the pics, the anti-clothing, the thirsty comments, the content theft, the undermining ….any of it… when I have a budget deadline? A new political, social and economic environment is underway, so there’s no value in weeding through men favoriting women shower pics, people posting shower footage at all, “sensual art,” the tipping into sex, or the articles where people claim that naturism is the best thing that ever happened to them while telling their stories with stolen images of hot web chucks and chicks. At a time when I worry that, heaven forbid, my brother might be shot just because someone has a gut reaction to his blackness, why deal with naturist/nudist organizations stealing from each other, putting each other down, and refusing to collaborate for positive impact? My family, friends and I have debts to pay and livings to make. People don’t have time for the petty ridiculousness that arises in these online naturist/nudist/naked contexts. Family, work, finances, health, welfare…life is already stressful enough.

I was done. To figure out where to go from there, I asked: “What don’t I value? What do I value?”

Many organizations don’t have discerning eyes or wise practices of creating and sharing content in positive and meaningful ways. I don’t really get what they are about anymore. They hardly talk about environmentalism and other things besides naked bodies anyway. So, I’m letting that go. I am also stepping back from most naked / naturist / nudist accounts; sticking with very few. Too often folks collapse into sexuality or naked body thirst despite their profile claims. Then they try to justify it with some weak sauce “appreciation” argument. There’s also weird stuff like the obsession with pubic hair. (Seriously, what’s up with that? I don’t get it. Henna and cornrow it for all I give a {cough}. Why do people keep tweeting about it?) I’m honestly just not learning anything meaningful from those sources.

fichier_000What do I value? Honestly, just the everyday shares from individuals. Simple. It doesn’t even have to always be about clothes free living. I’ve appreciated shares about people’s gnomes, farms, marriages, puppies, cooking, health challenges, positive thoughts, books written, books they’re reading, comics created, fun excursions, etc. You know, people just living.

And what of my work and efforts? Less following, more doing. Creation and service. My focus will turn towards building things like naked yoga as well as continuing to research and write on history and events. I will contribute to positive collective efforts. I will live and write of living.

I believe that clothes free living is wonderful and powerful. I’m just leaving the drama behind.


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