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The First Indonesian Nudist Gathering

On the 11 and 12 November 2016, 6 nudists from Indonesia held an event. It was the first Indonesian nudist gathering.

The name of the nudist group is 69-ers, where “6” refers to male and “9” refers to female. There were no agenda there, because we still wondering what to do in the gathering. Then we much more gathered and talking about many topics.  From sharing about the meaning of nudism until politics, especially about Ahok (Basuki Tjahaja Purnama).

This was our first gathering. Even we just started from only 6 nudists, but we believe that we can spread the true meaning of nudism 🙂

About the author: adityanudis
My name is Dimas S. Aditya, and I am a nudist from Indonesia I have been a nudist since 2007, and I became a nudist because nudism teach me about a) acceptance and b) respect of our life, as a present from God. Now, I'm working in an NGO about community development. I also work as a photographer. For me, join nudist social media is not only for naked, but also for share our nudist experience. I also like adventures, and sometimes I go somewhere to find someplace to go naked.

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