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When did blogging become about posting the same pictures as everyone else with out any comment or information?

That is what blogging has become common for many if not most nudists or naturists. Hundreds of so called nudist/naturist blogs can be found on the internet mostly on reposting rehashing phototherapy same photos. The photos are not of the blog owners they are images of people usually unknown to the so called bloggers found through internet search or reblogs from similar “blogs”. I’ve expressed a problem I have with these blogs for some time now. To be transparent my first blog when I started our as a”nudist” was a Tumblr that reposted stuff from other site Tumblrs. It was before I had a real social clothes free experience.The only example of nudism I saw was the one that was online. I thought “This is what nudist do they repost pictures of naked people”. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The people I met in social clothes free situations were playing volleyball and pentanque and gathering for pot lucks not reposting pics. Even when I shifted my them personal away from tumblr to get away from all overtly sexual stuff and started to write about my own experiences it was hard to now wonder why those blogs got all the hits. But after some soul searching I decided that was not my experience. So though there are still some legacy photos still hanging around that we are moving to clean up I abandoned that approach. Over that period of time however, the numbers of people starting those kind of blogs has increased incredibly. In fact that seems to define a naturist or nudist blog for most people.

A little history. The blog is a contraction of two word web log. Before Blogspot people wrote a journal log of their experiences using raw HTML pages and posted then on the web. It was the diary of sorts for the new age of internet technology. It was social media before their was social media platforms like FB Twitter or the afore mentioned Tumblr.

A weblog is, literally, a “log” of the web – a diary-style site, in which the author (a “blogger”) links to other web pages he or she finds interesting using entries posted in reverse chronological order. – The Guardian

The World Wide Web and its web logs seemed destined to wipe out and make irrelevant closed networks like AOL (America Online) Prodigy and Compuserve that gave the average person and onramp to the internet.  Then came blogging software like Drupal Joomla and Word press which offered to make the web logging experience simpler and easier for more people to access providing you had your own website. Eventually with the emergence of blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress and yes Tumblr having your own web site with the accompanying cost and technical know how was eliminated. Now anyone anywhere could have a blog. An simple email was all that was needed to sign up.

That is how we got to where we are today. The ease with which one can start a blog on any of the platform already mentioned or the newer ones like Medium or Ello solved almost all the issues. All except one. What content goes on these easy to start blogs? As I have said before starting a blog is easy, getting people to visit your blog and keeping one going is much harder. There’s an old saying “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

So what’s a blogger to do if there are no personal experiences of nudism or naturism to share? Well that’s easy post photos. Yes those mirrored selfies it seems newbies feel required to post. What do you do what you run out of those kind of photos or you are shy about your body or no one seems interested? Why grab photos from other sources and post them on your “blog”. After all they are on the internet they are free for the taking. But supposed no one wants to see photos of ordinary people with saggy wrinkly or flabby bodies? Hmm, there’s lots of pics up for grabs for all the modeling and other definitely non naturist sites, you know the beautiful people the sexy ones. That will bring visitors in droves. You may be getting the picture.

Maybe you have observed that all of those practices commonly used for these “nudist” nude photo blogs have very little to do with nudism/nude recreation naturism or even the original purpose of blogs in general. Young Naturists of America asked on their web site in 201, So what is the purpose?

There are many, many nude “nudist photo blogs” on Tumblr. Granted, some of these are actually voyeur / soft core porn blogs, and those are pretty easy to identify. Their photos are mainly focused on genitals and breasts.

In others, the cast is entirely made up of young nubile women looking unawares on a nude beach. Some may even feature voyeuristic images as if they were taken secretly and without the person’s knowledge or permission. Or the photos resemble mainstream soft core porn straight out of Playboy.  –What’s the Point of Nudist Nude Photo Blogs ?


Why are some folks so intent on reposting nude photos of people they don’t know on blogs?  I have suggested and others have observed pictures of ordinary people absent any context or shared experience may just be boring.

But enough about the titillation nude “nudist” blogs. There are others that focus on real nudist photos, with different types of bodies. The more “true nudist” blogs will feature naked pictures that aren’t sexual or voyeuristic in nature. But even if these are photos of smiling, happy presumed-to-be naked nudists just having innocent fun… I still say, what is the point?

Certainly there is no interest in them for most real nudists. I personally find them boring. They’re not original nor are they artistic or interesting – at least to me

I can’t help but wonder what non-nudists think about such images? Do the photos help normalize nudity and reduce shame toward the naked human body? Do they encourage people to try naturism? Are people looking at all the photos and thinking – “Gee this looks great, I want to try naturism now”? My guess is no. – What’s the Point of Nudist Nude Photo Blogs 

I think the point is we human being desperately  want to be seen to belong, to be connected, to be acknowledged by someone else.  So we share things we think wil bring that into reality. In my opinion that is the source of the success of social media. People use social media to establish social interaction (though it is often vapid) that cannot be accomplished otherwise.

I believe for many the need to be seen, to be recognized, to have many followers, out weighs any common interest of promoting naturism and nudism. Some have become like the characters in a third season episode of the futuristic series Black Mirror streaming on Netflix. We see ourselves through the currency of our social media ranking and web traffic to our individual “blogs”. Beyond that there is nothing, we go great lengths to achieve it even if that means discarding the common good. After all “what have they done for me lately?” “I will speak my mind and show my pics (including those that don’t belong to me) and express my artistic body positive self.” ”Tell my story no way!” Not when I can attach quipped phrases to the photos of others. “Log my experiences ooh no, that is so yesterday.” Welcome to the new age!

Will we get beyond the nudist nude photo blogs? I doubt it our societies have become increasingly voyeuristic and in the process the practice of nudism/naturism will be dragged into the societal obession with the naked body and in the minds of those who look from a distance what this is all about it will seem no difference from pornography presenting naked bodies absent the human being and their experience for viewing pleasure.

What do you think?

About the author: Earl D
Founder, editor in chief, news curator

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