bare thoughts review

bare thoughts review

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This blog by a couple (one newbie woman and a more experienced man) is new but gaining a lot of attention. We chose it as one of the first to be awarded our more than pics badge. The blog gives a glimpse into the naturist experiences of the couple from the Netherlands their interaction with family and friends.

What we like: Blogging the authentic naturist experience of a naturist couple, Harmen and Santana. While there are lots of pictures they are pretty much all of the couple and tell a story, rather than just being thrown on the site as eye candy. The experiences shared are ordinary but not mundane. Just doing life clothes free. This bog epitomizes the idea that behind every clothes free body is a human being giving us the human point of these two people living as naturists.

What we look forward to: Future experiences as this couple’s naturist family expands.

What could be improved : Providing an introduction to visitors on an about page would be helpful to gove readers a  sense of who they are before diving into reading the main blog. That’s something can could be shared in a a review like this. Still the omission is an indication that this blog is more about real naturist experiences than flashy design.

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