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Artist: Laura Berger

Normally I hate “suggestions” from social media platforms. We all know how it goes: you “like” one person’s post about a sandwich and suddenly you’re flooded with suggestions to follow McDonald’s, Wendy’s and all things pickles. 

This time, though, I was grateful to Tumblr for introducing me to Laura Berger, artist. In an interview from a few years ago, Hypertext Magazine wrote this, which perfectly articulates why I was captivated by her work:

“Working with gouache and acrylic, her work is focused on exploring connections to ourselves and each other, and the idea of finding novelty and adventure in everyday life. She’s interested in rituals, the quest for self-development, and how we piece it all together to create personal meaning and a sense of belonging to the greater whole.” – Hypertext Magazine


I love the feeling of community and togetherness, especially when expressed as women holding each other up. That is such a powerful message for us. 




I also love seeing such a wide array of depictions from different women artists the more I browse or go out. There are so many different styles, voices, messages and invitations to simply experience the work. I love our voices. Our many exquisitely diverse voices.



Togetherness among women. Yes. 

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