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The Evolution of Breasts: does it matter?

I started this piece as a reply to the evolution comment thread under my Live (Top)free or Die article, but decided just to post it as its own article since I haven’t been posting during this election season.

(I’m fine, for those that have written to ask if my absence implied anything bad. While I am very personally busy with some great projects, I am happy and healthy. Thank you for asking. I have been out and about bare-chested and have been working quite hard on some legal conversations in Maryland, Rhode Island and Delaware. I’ve been laying low because I feel like the tone of the national conversation regarding sexual assault right now has created an environment in which it is very difficult to have quiet, meaningful conversations about equality. To those outside the U.S., suffice to say, the collective social anxiety leading up to this election is palpable and wide-spread and as I have repeated throughout my blog, you really can’t make headway with someone who is in mid-brain panic, and right now, the whole country feels like it is in a mid-brain panic, so I’m letting everything settle down until I come back with any regularity. Please be patient. Just a couple weeks to go hopefully.)

Source: The Evolution of Breasts: does it matter?
curator’s note :phenomenal example of intersectional awareness

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