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Nudism Culture in Indonesia

Indonesia has its culture that is thousands of years old. Other cultures came from outside Indonesia, such as India, Arab, China and Western (European) countries. Those various cultures have influenced the culture in Indonesia. One of many cultural influences, is what we called “nudism”. Many people still believe that nudism and clothes free living only happens in western countries. That is only partly right, Indonesia also has a nudism culture, a cultural traditional of clothes free life, and it is hundred of years old.

For example, in Bali, it was usual for a woman to go topless. The meaning of topless in Bali means, it was a test for a woman, whether she could keep herself. Historian from Bali, I Nyoman Wijaya said

“whoever able to keep something most priceless and forbidden, she was able to keep herself and she never allowed somebody to insult herself”.

Toplessness also showed honesty, and for whoever able to keep her breast, would get trusty from another person (

This video clip shows traditional topless culture in Balinese history.


Another example is, people in Papua. We can easily seeing a man only wearing “koteka” (a cloth for male to cover penis) and women only topless. This are the culture in Papua, and had happened in Papua since a long time ago and still happened nowadays. Besides Bali and Papua, some areas also have their nudism culture, such as Dayak and even in Java.

From those examples, we know that nudism and clothes free living  is in Indonesian culture. So, if nowadays some people shout about nudity is not Indonesian culture, I just want to ask them, “Do you know Indonesian culture?”

Jakarta, 17th of October 2016

About the author: adityanudis Verified member
My name is Dimas S. Aditya, and I am a nudist from Indonesia I have been a nudist since 2007, and I became a nudist because nudism teach me about a) acceptance and b) respect of our life, as a present from God. Now, I'm working in an NGO about community development. I also work as a photographer. For me, join nudist social media is not only for naked, but also for share our nudist experience. I also like adventures, and sometimes I go somewhere to find someplace to go naked.

4 thoughts on “Nudism Culture in Indonesia

  1. As I understand it, the Balinese, Papuans, and others in what is now called Indonesia (and that is a name applied by European colonists; I wonder what you call your islands?) went naked or topfree not to make any statements, but simply because it was easy and comfortable and normal. One of my sisters and her husband were missionaries in Bandung for a number of years, and from their descriptions of its climate, being clothes-free makes much more sense than covering oneself with cloth that holds in heat and sweat.

    I suspect it is the Islamic influence that urges people to think nudity is unnatural…?

    1. Thats true…
      The weather is one of the reasons why they have clothes-free tradition. As you know that Indonesia is a tropical country. So, we don’t have any fall or even snow (except on the top on Jayawijaya mountains).
      Well, its not because of the Islamic influence. Why I can say that? Because I also have some nudist friends from Indonesia, and they are Moslems. And also, not all of the Moslems banned beauty contest like Miss Indonesia beauty pageant. Only the hard liners like FPI (Front Pembela Islam/Islamic Defenders Front). They want to change Indonesia to be an Islamic countries.

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