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Who are you naked for?

Surprising question? Don’t be surprised. Just consider the question and think of a good answer. You have until the end of this post to come up with something good (but pay attention here!)

Who are you naked for?

Here is that question again. I have found that many dedicated nudists still have some reserve about being naked in places where they can be seen. Of course being at a nude beach or in a naturist resort there is no problem. But tell me: would you drive your car naked?

cn0gi5zwcae2kfoI would. I’ve done it many times already and I will keep doing it, unless it’s just too cold.

Yes, there is the chance that people see me. I know that. There is also the chance that lightning strikes and kills me (although not on that particular day as it was at least 100F, which is quite insane for where I live).

The thing is that I am naked for myself. Because I enjoy it. Also in my car, which I declare my personal, moving naturist area. I’ve literally done thousands of miles naked and that has never created any problems. Oh, sure, people saw me. So what? People see me at a naturist beach too. Of course a motorway isn’t exactly the same but I am in my car, paying attention to traffic. They should do that too, not stare into my car to see what I’m doing. Or (not) wearing. I’m going home, not inviting viewers by doing weird things.

The same thing happened one day when I answered the door. People stared at me and commented: “You’re not wearing clothes.”

Well, I knew that so I said “I know.” That response seemed to puzzle them but after explaining why I was naked they understood (at least they said so). They didn’t seem to make a big point of it after that.

Be self-conscious, not afraid.

Selection_007I’ve been out on naked hikes quite a bit. What I found during those is the same as what I described happening at my door. If you meet people in clothes they’re almost never so panicky as some clothes-loving organisations and governments want you to believe.

It may surprise them to see someone walk along in the nude but as long as you act normal there usually is no problem. This doesn’t mean there never is a problem. Always be prepared to cover yourself. Not everyone is accepting towards nudity. Don’t go into heated discussions over something that other people can’t wrap their mind around – you can’t win. Be the smart one, cover up, and drop that stuff once you’re in the clear.

SO. Whom are you naked for? Have you made up your mind?


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P.Z. Walker.
Author of naturist fantasy and science fiction, and clothesfreelifer. Advocating the clothes free life not only by writing about it but also living the life, as long as weather and circumstances permit.

One thought on “Who are you naked for?

  1. I do it all for myself! I’ve driven naked before but not in traffic and usually at night . Plus , I’ve yet to experience the pleasure of being naked outdoors and I really would feel awkward (kinda) being a single guy at a nudist resort .

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