Nudism/Naturism: Battle on the beaches

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  1. So, I have thought about this a little bit especially considering the excursions I’ve had in my city with Gingerbread around bare chested equality . These outings have given me a different perspective than I’d had before sbout being in a public, open, non-secluded space.

    Going on bare chested walks and bike rides in my city, I have found that people really are just going to look. They might gawk, they might stare, they might even say things. And that is in a city where it is legal for women to be bare chested even though few know that . But the thing is, people are going to look and stare anyway because it is new to them. This is still a huge time of transition where it is not common for women here to be bare chested. So I had to get used to the fact that people are just going to look, and I had to be OK with that because I am choosing to engage in something that is not yet common.

    So when I read arguments from long time naturists and nudists saying that they don’t want to be gawked at, I get it on one hand, I felt the same, and I still don’t want anyone behaving inappropriately towards me or whatever. But at the same time now that I’ve had these experiences in my city in open space regarding bare chestedness, it is giving me a different perspective. We are choosing to do something that is not yet common. We are leading the way. And part of what comes with the territory of leading the way is being stared at, being observed. And that is with so many things in life not just with nudity.

    I have had people look at me for being the only black person in a particular area. Others in the world experience the same thing whether it is not having all of their body parts, looking different, really anything where you are different than what is commonly discussed or portrayed , you’re going to draw attention and people are going to observe you and that comes with the territory.

    And the other piece of this is why are folks so into forcing people to do things a certain way? Why can’t they except clothing optional as a place where people can choose and we respect each other’s choices? This forcing people to do things one way or the other, to be dressed or not dressed, neither of those extremes is actually about respecting choices.

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