making do in leftover spaces – nude exhibit by catherine shields

making do in leftover spaces – nude exhibit by catherine shields

Making-do in leftover spaces by Catherine Shields features a series of photo media works set in “ordinary” landscapes, alongside railway lines and corridors, throughout regional Victoria.

“Most of the time we just travel through these spaces on the train and we glance at these spaces and that’s what intrigued me to begin with,” Shields said.

In many of the images Shields had included her naked body in the scene, as a way of reclaiming the space.

“I felt thwarted by a particular obstacle like the cyclone fencing and the track and freeway and could see that I couldn’t go any further,” Shields said.

She described positioning her naked body in the scene as an act of defiance “to being stopped”.

Being a women she said there were often expectations including self-regulation and a wariness to enter certain spaces because of a feeling of vulnerability.

“So taking off my clothes was like a way of compensating for that, and an act of defiance in occupying these spaces” Shields said.

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