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inappropriately nude in art

21 Times People Got Naked At Inappropriate Times In Art History

In these prime summer days, clothes can often seem like a cruel, sweaty burden. An unnecessary layer holding you back from your true potential. If only you could rip the itchy fabric from your flesh and dance free like the nature baby you were born to be! Then you’d be free, you’d be au natural, you’d be … probably, pretty inappropriate and awkward, but awesomely so. 

Art history contains a long tradition of people getting naked at the most unlikely of times. At a picnic, chilling with friends, fighting a dragon, kissing your dog by the seashore — there is literally no time too improper for these painted subjects to strip down and strike a pose. 

In honor of summer and nudity and art, behold 21 times (including the painting above) people in paintings got naked at really weird times. Not. Suitable. For. Work

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