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on being clothes free in the Caribbean – guest contributor A Harrison

My clothes free life and musings

I am a resident of Jamaica in the Caribbean. I have been a nudist for many years and i enjoy the practice. I personally have a nude yoga practice and i enjoy practicing yoga clothes free however nudity is not acceptable in Jamaica. I teach yoga to various individuals and wish to impart the liberating aspects of yoga to them

Naturism is a lifestyle in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, and characterized by self-respect of people with different opinions and of the environment. We were born naked and should stay that way. There is nothing shameful or dirty about the human body. In fact it is clothing which causes sexual perversion; humans are always tempted by that which is hidden.

Clothing suffocates and weakens the body which needs to breathe and absorb sunlight in order to function properly. The chemicals and detergents used to make and clean our clothes are detrimental to our health. Nakedness is natural.

The first humans were clothed in a bright light or shekinah which they lost over time. In our divine and regenerated state we will be clothed in this light once more.

The purpose of naturism is to promote wholesomeness and stability of the human body, mind, and spirit. These come most easily to those who shed the psychological and social encumbrance of clothing, to see and respect the human body as created.

Naturism also promotes optimal health through complete contact of the body with the natural elements. It is practiced as much as possible in environments free of the pollution and stress of modern society. It is therefore associated with an enlightened, holistic approach to nutrition, physical activity, mental health, and social interaction.

True nudists know that nudity is not just for sex. There are myriad other activities that you can do without clothes. In fact there isn’t anything you can do with clothes that you can’t do without them. Nudism ends a clothing obsession to hide shame and disapproval of the body. It helps you to build confidence in your body and increases body acceptance.

Workers employed to clothing manufacturers often work in inhumane conditions… (Sweatshops)

Nude recreation is the fastest growing leisure activity in the world
Nudism is the great equalizer. You can’t tell the bank manager from the post office worker.
The skin has millions of sensory nerve endings which regulate temperature, sense of touch, sensing the environment and repelling of harmful bacteria. These nerve endings are inactive under clothes.

As a nudist, your washload is greatly reduced at the end of the week.

Nudism connects you with the natural surroundings in a way that you can’t when you are wearing clothes. Connect with the Earth and feel the breeze. Feel the blessings of nature in your natural state.

Nudism is not about looking for “naked babes” or “naked hunks”.

Nudism is about being comfortable in your own skin and with yourself. It is not about bodies and how you look or how they look. IT is about respect and civility towards others. It is about relaxing and forgetting your worries. It is about connecting with nature in a meaningful way.

There are millions of nudists in the world. Feel like a part of a global community.

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2 thoughts on “on being clothes free in the Caribbean – guest contributor A Harrison

  1. We used to enjoy clothes free sunning on Negril’s beach until the resort we went to was sold and the new owners were unable to renew their permit. My wife and I feel that a tiny corner of Nirvana slipped away.

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clothes free life

clothes free life

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