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naked in the 21st century a review

imageNaked in the 21st Century by filmmaker  T.L. Young is a documentary posing as a film, about the making of a film, posing as a movie. Did you follow that? Well not everyone will or does. This cinematic effort by author and filmmaker T.L. Young is very reminiscent of his literated offering American Nudist a Lost Journal. Like the book this film is a bit of a mashup, trying to be several things at one time.

Despite the challenges of low definition video, the collage-like character film and a not so smooth soundtrack, there is lots to like about this movie. NAked in the 21st Century is an exploration of twenty-first century expressions of simple nudity with frank, authentic discussions of naturist values and ethics are worthwhile viewing. Throughout the film various  “actors” talk about their experience with simple nudity and the impact that has on their lives.

People ask all the time what our policy on single men is … Marital status should have nothing at all to do with someone’s ability to be a naturist. – Steve Payne Owner Desert Springs Inn

Through a variety of video clips from vintage nudist films, news reports from, and photo montages from various clothes free venues, the viewer gets a glimpse into the naturist/nudist world. The range of issues covered includes: the predicament of the single male; diversity in nudism; nudist etiquette; the shrinking participation in nudism,; a lack of young voices; as well as safety issues related to family naturism. The journey can be jarring at times. Though this film will never measure up to modern cinematic expectations, there is much to learn and appreciate from this documentary film/movie.

While it is unlikely this film will garner any technical awards, T.L. Young should be commended for trying to use the medium of film to communicate a realistic perspective on simple nudity as expressed in naturism/nudism and clothes free living. I hesitate recommending the purchase or rental of the movie, however it is available on Amazon Prime for free viewing. It might be a good discussion starter for exploring nudism/naturism or clothes free life.

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