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african american woman vlogs it's ok to be naked europeans perverted nudity

curator’s note I challenge viewers of European descent to watch the complete video before jumping to knee jerk defense responses about the vlogger’s point. If there is to be greater acceptance and diversity among naturists there needs to be greater transparency more openness to non Europeans perspectives. 

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3 thoughts on “african american woman vlogs it's ok to be naked europeans perverted nudity

  1. Yes! I am English, UK the most european you can get, the nation of judgemental idiots and closet perverts. At last someone who tells it just like it is. I agree with every word you have just said but I ask this – why have i never seen an African naturist in this country?
    I am sick of the repression that we have dispensed around the world, to our own children about the most beautiful thing that humans should celebrate – our bodies. Give most brits a picture of a naked teen on instagram etc and they will happily look at her, show your breasts while feeding your baby in public and you are a slut. Give a picture of an older naturists and you will get – why arn’t they young and hot. America and the UK are creating a world that is not healthy is geared towards sexual exploitation and the mass public opinion is that this is cool. Naturism needs to be driven by women and supported by men, you should be calling the shots and demanding to be seen as human not a sex machine. Sexual appeal is healthy, but it should be driven mainly by the person, the character not their bodies, until women stand up strip naked and shout i am me not a label or a product, this male driven imagery is never going to change.
    If your cultural background makes your body something to value then you have a very good culture indeed and i envy you.
    Yes i am a naturist but here we have to hide it as the female population consider us all to be the perverts that they are perpetuating.
    great video.

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