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wow poetics: wholly i am holy

For this week’s Women on Wednesday, poetry takes the stage, as is appropriate given that is currently hosting the 4th annual Clothes Free Poetry Contest “The Body as Poetry” as well.

I offer a series of poems throughout the day today.

Photo 06-04-2016 11 10 47Wholly I am holy

Wholly I am holy
every single breath I breathe
gives witness to the universe
that’s what I believe

Wholly I am holy
every finger, every toe
no matter what they preach at me
I already know

Wholly I am holy
every bone and every cell
my body’s all of heaven
the mind’s my only hell

Wholly, I am holy
and divine I’ve always been
to celebrate is gratitude
to doubt’s my only sin

6 avril 2016

Inspiration: beyond religion

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