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Sección de libros: La mujer desnuda, de Desmond Morris -the naked woman

The book is an overview of the female body from hair to toe, but it would be a book more if not start by a section that seems to me very important: evolution. Because just being aware that the female body is the result of a complex evolutionary process makes sense this work.For example, Why humans, unlike other apes, we occupied the entire planet? What distinguishes us humans from other species? The answer is neoteny, a characteristic that makes human keep juvenile characters into adulthood. And neoteny is the first thing that distinguishes men and women: men are slightly more childish behavior, women in their anatomy …But there are many other curious questions: why women have overly long hair, or have virtually no hair out of his head, armpits or genitals? For what reason we have that portion of skin visible above our eyes we call front, which have no other apes? Because Orientals have called epicanto, a fold of skin on the upper eyelid? Because female female are the only ones that keep the size of their breasts, even if they are not breastfeeding, like the buttocks? Because the size of the female buttocks is declining, but still larger than the male? Because the typical drawing heart of lovers drawing more reminiscent of a female buttocks own heart?

Source: Sección de libros: La mujer desnuda, de Desmond Morris

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