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luna phoenix april clothes free yogi you should know

April marks the beginning of spring, a season of rebirth so it fitting that our April clothes free yogini is named Phoenix this we share the functional and challenging practice of Luna Phoenix a clothes free yogi we think you should know.

My spiritual name is Luna Phoenix. Luna, Spanish for Moon, is not only to signify my Spanish heritage but also my sense of humor for teaching nude yoga. It also signifies my dedication to you the student, the individual, my fellow human being. The Moon reflects the Light from the Sun to shine upon the Earth. My job is to be the reflection of light that is shown upon me from you. I make it my goal to reflect the light in all who I meet. Phoenix reflects my life. I have been down in the abyss of my psyche many times in my life and risen again from the ashes brighter and stronger than before. I am the co-owner, Managing Director and main instructor of NuReveal Yoga. I am an Intuitive, an ordained minister, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer as well as a registered Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor. I hold a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and a Brown belt in Chung Do Kwan. Currently, I am studying to obtain my Reiki Master certification. I continuously study to increase my knowledge about the best techniques in fitness, nutrition, spirituality and yoga. I focus on the individual’s skills, capabilities and goals in order to create the optimal program that would achieve the best results from my client(s).

I teach yoga both clothed and unclothed. However, it is my nude yoga practice that I find that helps individuals to enhance the union of the spiritual, emotional and physical plane in a naturist/nudist state greater than clothed yoga especially by using an unmasking ceremony. We, here in NuReveal Yoga, along with my fellow nude yogis see nudity as a natural state not purely as a sexual outlet. We peel off the mayas (illusions) of the identity we place on ourselves to return us back to the original state of purity and divinity. I teach nude yoga to remove the sexual stigma on the naked body. Here in NuReveal Yoga, we work hard to change the culture into accepting the nude body as a protective shell of a Spiritual being. I love yoga and I love what it has done for me in regards to confidence, self-image, appreciation of and for life, gratitude, freedom and healing from past sexual abuse especially through nude yoga. I use my knowledge from Personal Training and Martial Arts Training to design Yoga programs according to the individual’s needs.

My nude yoga practice: Functional yet challenging

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Now that you know a little bit about me and my company, let me explain a little bit about the practice I photographed for you. What you see in the photo gallery of my functional yoga is some of the yoga poses I do to strengthen my arms and release pressure off the back of my legs. I like practicing form and functionality to increase my range of motion as well as endurance in advanced poses such as the handstand/headstand. I end every practice with a restorative pose and meditative healing. Working on myself is a continual journey. I noticed that using props (in this instance the wall) allows me to check in a little more into the pose without worrying about getting hurt or causing too much muscle strain. For example, I can check internally and discover where the most weight or pressure being applied to is, how is my breathing, am I squared off or do I need adjustment? Once I check in, I can safely stay in the pose breathing into the spaces (physically: where I feel the most tension); (spiritually: where I need the most healing) and (mentally: where I need the most clearing).

Getting it right (meaning the pose) the first time is not the point. It is learning how to do it right. (The learning, the experience, the journey) that is the POINT of YOUR yogic practice. Besides, when I practice it in the nude, I see my progress a little bit faster than I would with clothes on.

Experienced yogis and/or instructors can sometimes find themselves doing poses that are challenging and getting into the pose by habit without checking in. Using the props allows me to get into the pose a little deeper and hold it a little longer. I understand that in Yin Yoga we are asked to hold the pose without any props at times and allow the breath to open up the meridians and the chakras according to the Taoist tradition. In this case, I was working with inversions and working with opening my spiritual channels. Inversions are great for mental clarity. I usually practice yoga throughout the day. I stop here and there to meditate but usually I practice a pose a few minutes at a time rather than an extended period of time daily. It allows me to be more intuitive and listen to my body more. I do the pose it needs at that time. I can do hip openers for 15 minutes in the morning while meditating to prepare for the day while a couple of hours later I can do functional yoga for my upper body because of lifting heavy items all day. Now when I wish to practice the advanced poses, then I take some time out of my day and practice so that I may focus on physical strength and stamina.

My yoga practice is very individual to me and it should be for everyone. I believe yoga works best for the individual when the individual not only finds the time for themself but also moves with the self in mind. Getting it right (meaning the pose) the first time is not the point. It is learning how to do it right. (The learning, the experience, the journey) that is the POINT of YOUR yogic practice. Besides, when I practice it in the nude, I see my progress a little bit faster than I would with clothes on. So if you haven’t tried working out in the nude, try it! You may learn a lot more than what you think. If you have been practicing nude for a while now, try going within. Again, you will be amazed of the many things your body, your spirit and your mind will tell you. Namaste!

NuReveal Yoga is the only co-ed nude yoga studio in Orlando, FL and serves the Central Florida area. They are hoping to expand to the North Florida area soon and be the first there too. or

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