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Bodypainting Day 2016 NYC and Amsterdam

Bodypainting Day 2016: NYC & Amsterdam

BODYPAINTING DAY returns in 2016! Help SUPPORT the voice of the ARTIST, acceptance of all BODIES and human CONNECTION through art ! There are two Bodypainting Day events scheduled for this summer. The first will take place on Saturday, July 9 in NYC and then it’s happening again in Amsterdam on Saturday, August 20.

Bodypainting Day is a non-commercial public art event produced by Andy Golub and Young Naturists America. A large group of artists paint on the bodies of nude models over a 4 hour period in full public view. This summer we plan on holding 2 events.

New York City Bodypainting Day will take place on July 9th at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. 100 artists will paint 100 models followed by a march through the public streets and 3 double-decker buses showing off our work with the rest of the city.

Amsterdam Bodypainting Day will take place on August 20th at Museumplein. The event will more than double in size to 50 artists and 50 models followed by a march and a canal boat ride through the city.


We are planning to have 100 artists paint 100 models in NYC this year. In Amsterdam the goal is to double it in size from last year with 50 artists and 50 models.

Bodypainting Day remains a public art event that’s all about body acceptance and human connection through art. As always we plan to have models of all shapes and sizes, ages, races, sexual orientations and genders.

The theme for this year is “Inner Beauty.” Artists and body painters will connect with, and draw inspiration from, their models to create their original works of art.

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