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topless protester held an open carry counter demonstration

Topless woman takes on open-carry supporters in Austin

A topless protester held a counter demonstration at the Texas state capitol building, where open carry advocated were gathered on Friday, March 11, 2016.

Never let it be said that Austin can’t get weird, especially for a presidential visit.
As a small group of Texans who support the open-carry of guns made their way through downtown Austin Friday, they were confronted by a topless woman who called herself “Austintatious Babe” who bared her opposition to their stance.
She exchanged words with C.J. Grisham, a leader with Open Carry Texas, who told her outside the Texas Capitol: “You are assaulting my senses right now.”

Source: Houston Chronicle

Curator’s note:Curious if top equality advocates think this kind of protest helps their cause.

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4 thoughts on “topless protester held an open carry counter demonstration

  1. This is a very interesting question. This is really the kind of thing we could ask about any “radical” expressions taken for protests, not just nude or topfree ones.

    It’s important to note that topfree or even naked protests are not rare. In the past decade a number of topfree and naked protests have been taking place in Central and South America, for instance, and the protests are about a wide range of political, social and economic issues.

    But, I just came across one article that was published in November 2014 that talks about engaging in naked / topfree protesting in Mexico. Reference: ( Here, I found a couple of really points, including:

    “Naked protest has to be smart. Otherwise, it’s just peep-show politics.”

    “The challenge, she says, is learning how to integrate body and message for maximum impact. When done properly, she says, naked protest is provocative, disruptive and subversive; it transforms a woman’s body into a powerful political agent for change, rather than a sensual object of prurient lust.”

    There are a few other points there that provide much to consider. Ultimately, one of the things I take away from it in consideration of this piece here is that, the purpose / intent / vision of a naked or topfree protest has to be clear. Even in the article I reference, when the female protester devolved, in one case, to ““I wrote PRI is a ‘big d[]ck’ on my chest,” admits that this message was, for the audience, very confusing and meaningless to the point of making her protest a failure. That’s what I think happened in this piece posted above. This woman devolved into talking about “small pen1s issues” rather than keeping the focus on the issue at hand. She wound up taking the conversation away from Open Carry to personal insults… and once any of us go down that road, we’ve shut things off. We can’t go down to personal insults.

    Often times, nude or topfree protests are usually done in groups, though not exclusively. But, at any rate, based on some of the things I’ve read about nude / topfree protests in Central and South America so far, it sounds like it could make an impact even on an Open Carry topic … using the body but putting a pertinent message on it, carrying signs about the Open Carry issue, … as long as one keeps the conversation about the Open Carry issue. Based on what I’ve read, some folks have used topfree or nude protests to first get attention, because they know that tactic currently works. And from there, once they have the attention “Oh, good, you’re looking and hopefully listening, now here’s what I actually want to talk about. Hear me out.” But the focus has to be sharp and unwavering.

    So, I think something like this could have been effective if it had been engaged properly. And given the nature of the situation at the moment, a group approach might have been optimal, perhaps. I can only speculate.

    1. To reply further to this you are correct. When you stop and think about it, look what the nude gay pride parades did for gay equality. It gave them a credible platform and people paid attention.

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