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naked celebrity selfies Elle magazine takes a closer look

Is the Naked Selfie Good for Feminism? Let’s Take a Closer Look

As media psychologist and director of the Media Psychology and Research Center Dr. Pamela Rutledge pointed out, Kardashian’s personal feelings and motivations do not reflect those experienced by her followers, many of whom are young women.

“Kim Kardashian’s nude photos are empowering for her, but exploitive of her audience,” she said. “She is empowered all the way to the bank. She not only controls her image, she cultivates it. She is a brand. Cyberbullies are her best friends. The more rude things people say, the more people watch to see what will happen.” Rutledge also notes that the timing of the whole kerfuffle—immediately following a swell of articles suggesting a Kylie Jenner usurping of the Kardashian social media throne—is suspect. I also think it’s worth noting that Kardashian’s thoughtful, well-written blog post was shared rather fortuitously on International Women’s Day.

Media stunt or not, Rutledge says that her behavior, as a role model, is “problematic

Source: Elle magazine

Curator’s note: My biggest take away from this read is this is a complex, nuanced issue, expressed most clearly in the quote. “Kim Kardashian’s nude photos are empowering for her, but exploitive of her audience,”

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6 thoughts on “naked celebrity selfies Elle magazine takes a closer look

  1. I really appreciate this piece and the nuances it brings in, especially at the end where it says that we need to have conversations in the form of “yes and…” rather than black/white. (Sometimes I wonder if we are capable of smartly and respectfully doing so, but it is a MUST.)

  2. I think the thing that struck me most in the article was the theme of “Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t . . . if you’re a girl.” This pretty much nails it, because women really ARE pressured to show off themselves, and then they really are attacked either way they respond; they’re either prudish or trashy . . . and then the double standard of men being able to post whatever and almost never being judged for it . . .

    1. Thanks for the comment. What so say is exactly the challenge with the whole Kardsahian thing while she seems to be empowered she is only empowered by way for feeding the male dominated desire to oogle the naked female body or sexualize their bodies for male desires. It is a complex social issue which does not lend itself to simple either or ways of viewing things. If you add the way non white nude bodies are perceived or non slim bodies it get even more complex. I have a post coming on this tomorrow.

  3. These photos are pretty much in your face look at me types. Although they may be nice to look at they are not what our nude community is about.

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