Clothes free yogi you should know March 2016 Renee

Clothes free yogi you should know March 2016 Renee

Before there was the nude yoga girl there was naked soul yoga. This month we are pleased to feature the founder of Naked Soul Yoga Renee Watkins a clothes free yogi we think you should know.

Hey, I’m Renee and I started practicing yoga in July of 2013. I started my nude practice May of 2014 when myself and 2 other yogis introduced the #NakedSoulYogaChallenge to Instagram and it changed my life! My idea for NSY was to get people to truly understand that yoga is FOR ANY AND EVERYBODY and to separate nudity from sexuality/sensuality. Essentially we wanted everyone to remove their clothes and bare their souls. So many people have this idea that you have to be a thin white female who takes pics in exotic places in expensive clothing to be a yogi, (or that’s what many famous yogis appear to be anyway). I wanted people to know that you can be yourself no matter how flawed, or regular you are. Regardless of your age, body shape, weight, height NONE OF THAT MATTERS.

About 90% of my personal practice is nude because it helps me tap into a deeper, more personal side of myself; it allows me to truly meditate on a different realm. With nudity my concern is so far removed from the glamorized idea of yoga and I’m able to truly be one with myself and that goes for anyone, whether you’re practice yoga or just walking around your house.

I would like for every yogi to practice nude just once so they can experience the freedom that naked soul yoga gave me.

Instagram/Snapchat/Tumblr/YouTube: @iAmReneeWatkins Twitter @magicyogi


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