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Topless protests aren’t new there is history in Africa

Bodies That Matter: The African History of Naked Protest, FEMEN Aside

What is arguably one of the most powerful manifestations of naked protest over the past century took place during the Women’s War in Eastern Nigeria (1929) and was a significant manifestation of black women’s resistance to colonial authority and racialised Western notions of the body. The significance of the history of this method continues to manifest in naked protests, which have taken place in West, East, and Southern Africa as recently as December 2012. Yet these black women and their unyielding fearlessness to literally put their bodies on the line and stand against multinational oil companies, corruption, and violence, receive little visibility in the mainstream. Sometimes, even in their own countries, their commitment and strength is dismissed as foolish, unfruitful and futile.

Source: OKAfrica

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One thought on “Topless protests aren’t new there is history in Africa

  1. This is a really important point, one that continues to support a concern I have about which bodies are considered legitimate to stand for a particular cause. And it’s not the kind of thing where we have to point fingers and say it’s this person’s or that person’s fault. It’s more about taking time to really look at these trends. Observe the consistent tendencies. Self examination as well. How are we sharing ourselves, and how are we shaping the conversations?

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