Naturism in Latin America moving forward

Naturism in Latin America moving forward

A Big Step for Organized Naturism in Latin America

For the sixth regional Gathering, or Encounter (Encuentro / Encontro), the selection of Mexico as host also holds special significance. The Federación Nudista de México (FNM)* is not quite five years old, yet Mexico is – by far – the most populous Latin American nation after Brazil. At the previous ELAN, the Brazilians, who are the most organized, pushed to support Mexico as host to help build strength in the region. And whereas Brazil has a dozen or so official naturist beaches with legal status, in Mexico there were not, until this very event, any such official naturist beaches, only arrangements with hotels (for example, along the Riviera Maya) or else the impetus of tradition, such as at Zipolite where social nudity has long been tolerated.

At the event, which was the first such international naturist event in Mexico, only Mexico and Brazil participated as official delegations, although there were also participants from Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Peru, the United States, and Uruguay who made the journey. I’ve been reading coverage of the event this week in both Mexican and Brazilian sources (URLs below) to compile this write-up and provide a sense of different perspectives on the event.

Juan Castañeda, president of the Mexican organization, recognizes many precursors for organized naturism in Mexico, including social media sites or listservs such as Nudmex, but is proud to note that the FNM is the first official group that is linking naturists all over the country. He sees acceptance of social nudity as the long game – a matter of patience and education. But in the short-term, to pull off this event, he worked closely with the municipal and state governments, the tourism office, and the local hotel association, since, according to one report, there were more than 3000 people participating in some way yet there are only a little more than a 1000 hotel rooms in the immediate beach area. (The official ELAN meetings had about fifty people.)
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