Announcing the beta of

Announcing the beta of

We are pleased to announce that our new upcoming community site is in beta test phase. Last year we announced we were going to bring you 2.0 the next generation web site for the clothes free community. We had an ambitious plan to build a comprehensive site with all the news a great articles you have come to expect as well as a community site with discussion boards, groups, galleries and more. Well as it turned out without outside financial support we were not able secure a fast enough server to be able to port the news site into the community site.  Further more combing all those pieces ended up creating a slow hardly usable site. So we went back to the drawing board. 

We noticed that page magazine sites separated there continue and community sites some decided to do the same. We refreshed the look and feel of the news site to look more like the web magazine we are building. We went back to the drawing board and developed a separate sister community site, This community site will feature interactive discussion boards interest groups, photo galleries and more.  Some content from will be linked from and that will grow over time.

There are couple new things being added to the community site, first a book store with all the naturist themed books you should be reading and apparel. Yeah I know the site clothes free life. But on the occasion when you need something casual to wear why not wear some let folks know you are living clothes free.

Right now is in beta phase. That means we are testing out the features and functions of the site. We could use a few select intentional folks to put the site through is paces. If you are interested in being one of those people contact us. Not everyone will be chosen for this haste but we do need people who access the site in many different ways. In the mean time you can head to and sign up to be notified when the site is ready to open. Stays tuned.

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