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Why Some Parents are Afraid of Bare-Chestedness

One of the reasons I appreciate Gingerbread’s approach is that she takes care to consider the impact of various actions and responses whenever concerns from others arise. This is important in life, generally. So often I see at my jobs, in my relationships, or even just walking around in my city where no one makes space for others and they will run you over in a heartbeat, that flying into reaction and fighting does not usually lead to anything useful.

Changing the focus from the need to be “right” and, instead, thinking about how folks are conditioned and how past experiences might shape attitudes opens up the possibility of tackling issues at the core.

This does not mean that we fold. Gingerbread stands her ground regarding female bare-chestedness. However, the way in which she listens and converses with people comes from a place that is not about “I’m right, you’re wrong. I’m good, you’re bad. You’re evil, I’m not.”

Take a look at her piece and join the conversation in the comments on her post.

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