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Matt Richardson manga inspired art

Browsing through Tumblr late last year a recommendation popped up for a tumblr whose owner described himself as Part time artist Part time gamer Full time Naked Person. I was intrigued and explored the artists blog to find some interesting nude art work.

Artist Matthew Richardson, is from Charleston, SC. His hobbies include art of some form, including visual arts, music, and photography. Richardson says he recently resumed drawing as a way to pass time at work and between getting to do photoshoots. He has no formal training at all and has learned through books or web tutorials. Take a moment to enjoy the manga inspired art of Matt Richardson and read his bio below.

I discovered early on in my teens I hated wearing clothing unless absolutely necessary, so I didn’t. Now if I’m home, I’m naked. Great for keeping laundry to a minimum.

I specifically got into figure drawing (as opposed to trying my hand at manga years ago) and found that it’s what I’m best at drawing wise. My artistic process is pretty straight forward; I started out finding simple poses online to practice with, and now I find poses that are similar to an image I want to draw, or will attempt to freehand it. I try to sketch a couple of ideas a day.

All my sketches start out on paper, but as I now have a working tablet, I use that sometimes to play with coloring them for a different look. When I was younger, I wanted to draw my own comics/manga. Around high school, I gave up drawing and when I hit college, I focused all my creativity into choir/a capella/writing music. I was great at the first two, but earlier this year  I picked up drawing again. I was told that i still sneak elements of manga in.

I actually don’t have models in person, although sometimes I have used friends I’ve photographed for reference. I don’t exclusively draw women of color, but I do believe in creating the art I want to see, and I definitely want to see more women of color in art.

You can see Richardson’s sketches on his tumblr

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