Seven point strategy for political engagement from YNA

Seven point strategy for political engagement from YNA

My Seven Rules of Political Engagement For Naturists

 experience over the years is that, like the general public, most naturists want very little to do with politics. This is especially true of young naturists, whose focus is on the next party, the next bodypainting event, or the next naked bike ride.

In truth, none of your activities are possible without some law or past court case giving you permission. Those of us who involve ourselves in the legislative process are constantly fighting off challenges to ban nudity at beaches, hiking trails, or elsewhere. There are people out there who would take away our rights in a heartbeat if we weren’t paying constant attention. The challenges come every year, in many states, and it take a lot of time and money to fight these battles.

Your ability to enjoy social naturism comes because of the constant effort of the Naturist Society’s Naturist Action Committee and AANR’s Government Affairs Team.

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