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Nude Yoga Girl is Instagram Sensation

Instagram Sensation Nude Yoga Girl Explains Her Practice

Nude Yoga Girl first appeared on Instagram less than a month ago. To a certain extent, her account is precisely as advertised: a girl, nude, doing yoga. But it looks like nothing else on yoga Instagram — or nudity Instagram, for that matter.

The account consists solely of dramatic black-and-white photos of the 25-year-old model and photographer doing advanced yoga poses in the buff, with expert use of shadows to keep things SFW. No mountaintops, no pine trees; no bedroom furniture or anything suggesting this is all an elaborate thirst trap. Occasionally she will wear shoes or jewelry, sometimes including fashion credits. It’s all calm, sophisticated, and as tasteful as a photo of a nude yoga girl can be.

In the past month, she’s accumulated more than 33,000 followers. People leave comments on her photos to tag friends, but also to say that they appreciate her athleticism, her photography, and her openness on topics like her formerly restrictive diet and how she found self-acceptance through yoga. As she told the Cut, “The account is anonymous, but I still want to be close with my followers, and I try to do it with my captions.”

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