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Job opportunity

Note makes no stipulation of recommendation or knowledge of validity of the following. We pass it on as a courtesy only. Please do  your own due diligence in examining the validity of the opportunity. 


Animal care position at multi species animal sanctuary, Ocala Fl. Includes living on site and ability of living clothesfree lifestyle before and after work hours. Preference to individuals mid twenties to early forties. Physical labor and seasonally harsh outdoor work environment.

Mark Quadrozzi and partner Michelle are looking for a responsible and dedicated person to join the team of our animal sanctuary and Wildlife rehab. The sanctuary is our home, where I am dedicated to my naturist/nudist lifestyle outside of working hours. A part of this job is living on site as part of salary, and I would be most comfortable with a clothes free minded individual as a resident on our property.( other staff live off site).
Please visit us at www.facebook/animisfoundation

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