AANR mobile 2 App Review

AANR mobile 2 App Review

A few years ago we reviewed the first iOS  version of the official American Association for Nude Recreation app. Recently a new version of the app was released on IOS. There are enough significant differences that bear reviewing a second time. The app is divided into four sections and an about page. We will examine each the sections and functionality.

Home page

The home page is nothing to write home about, it has no special functionality except to display the AANR mission and logo.


 The FAQ section includes twenty frequently asked questions with a info button to click to reveal the answer. The questions range from the mundane, “What are the characteristics of a AANR club?” “Do males get visibly excited?” and “Do people really play nude volleyball?” to more significant questions like “Is nude recreation legal?” “What about our kids?” and “What if we receive unwanted advances?”  Despite adequate space for in depth responses the answers are only one or two sentences.

Club listings

The next section is a listing featuring an alphabetical but non indexed or searchable list of AANR affiliated clubs. Clicking on a listing takes the user to a second page with contact information for the club like address, email, phone, web site and a map link. As with the FAQ display there is much more room for information or even club related pictures but the sparse club information is all that is offered.


The final section is the news section. Which unfortunately does not have any current information as the news which seems to be downloaded from an online source is dated August of 2015.

Final thoughts

In conclusion I can’t say that this app is really worth the download. The section displays are plain and lack visual appeal. The app itself lacks creativity something  that would most likely turn off the younger crowd AANR so separately needs to attract. In my estimation the  FAQ section would be much more useful to someone exploring  nude recreation if the responses were more detailed and had a personal feel to hem. Maybe enhanced by experiences from the AANR  newsletter.  The most useful section the club listing could be so much better if additional information about each club was added. It could also use a search feature or a index by state. The simple alphabetic listing decreases the efficiency of any search for a club. By far the least helpful section is the news section,which upon loading displays a downloading message which suggests relevant and current information is forthcoming. The user will be disappointed to see only two bits of outdated I news appear.

The AANR as one of the two main organizations promoting clothes free living and nude recreation would have done more work but releasing this app. In its current it does very little to promote the practices. It would be useful only to the most die hard long time naturist providing little functionality for the newbie or those exploring nude recreation and clothes free life.

The app can be downloaded from the Itunes App Store

About the author: Verified member Moderator Earl D
Founder, editor in chief, news curator

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