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Desexualizing nudity means clarifiying intent


First: eww. This guy obviously did not convince me to spread my legs or my labia. Because he was missing one very important point in his attempted guilt trip: intent.  

His point of view was centered entirely around one thing: him. How he felt, how aroused he was. There was no convincing him that nudity could be non-sexual in any context. Or pretty girls that he was attracted to either, for that matter.  

The thing is, I’m not responsible for his boner. If he pops a stiffy looking at Picasso, that’s not Picasso’s problem. That just makes him a weirdo. In contrast, I can tell you that posing nude isn’t a sexual act for me. I’m not thinking about getting my audience, photographer, or myself off.

Curators note: The writer’s point applies equally well to clothes free life as it does to nude art modeling. 

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3 thoughts on “Desexualizing nudity means clarifiying intent 

  1. Very interesting reading here. As a nudist couple we can relate. We take a lot of nude photos in nature and also around some architectural settings for our own collection. We truly enjoy going back and reliving the moments. We have also posed for others and have endured the same lines of thought occasionally from other photographers, making remarks like she’s so hot, show me more ! Seriously, and I’m standing right there. So we remind them it’s nude shoot not a sexual one. Yes there have been a few instances were some of the poses and locations were in fact somewhat stimulating but you let it go and leave it there.
    We do think though many people do enjoy seeing nudity both in art and photos. We say that as some of of our non nude friends have asked to see some of our photos. To us it is gratifying knowing that they do enjoy looking at them. Do they get turned on by them, we don’t know and don’t really care. However to your point the reason we share openly is that we also feel that the more exposure there is to non sexual nudity the more acceptance overall there is for all of us.

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