First Clothes free yogi of the month yogini KB

First Clothes free yogi of the month yogini KB

KB was one of the yogi is featured in our gallery last month of five clothes free yogis you should know. Now she kicks off a new feature where we will highlight an individual who is living clothes free in some aspect of daily life. It may be  fitness or workouts, gardening or cooking, gaming or sport. Each time we will feature an ordinary person sharing an aspect of their clothes free  living. Thanks to KB for getting us started.

Originally, I began practicing clothes free after a shower. This practice would only be a few Sun Salutation A or B’s just to get my body moving, before carrying on with my day. This slowly evolved into a clothes free practice at the end of my day. To me practicing clothes free allows me to truly be authentic. It’s a time for me to become comfortable in my own skin regardless of any thought that may cross my mind while practicing.

At first, having a full practice clothes free was a challenge because a part of me wanted to cover up and put something on, even though I was in my room with no one around. This thought made me inquire as to why I wanted to put something on. The reason that came to mind was simply I wasn’t as comfortable in my own shin as I thought. In today’s society it’s more natural to cover up and not be exposed or seen. We cover up with clothes, make-up, our lives (I find lots of people cover up their lives in one way or another) and carry on. We don’t take the time to be our true selves and be comfortable in our own skin and feel free. We let ourselves be trapped and continue to cover up.

Why not express ourselves and let our natural beauty shine through? Yes it can be a challenge at first but it’s a challenge that is worth it. For me practicing clothes free lets me get to that space of expressing myself, being who I truly am and being happy and free.

-KB @elbooty on IG

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