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clothes free vacation pt. 5: the women

I had a much needed healing experience with the women I encountered on my clothes free vacation, both at the Northeast Naturist Festival at Empire Haven Nudist Park and at the clothing optional beach we visited towards the close of the adventure.

This was a very important moment for me, because my introduction to clothes free life happened through social media. And similar to what others have shared, I found it difficult to find clothes free accounts / users online that weren’t primarily focused on the human body as just a body and incessantly commenting on it sexually. I have seen various genders post those kinds of images and have seen various genders make sexual commentary on pictures, even when the images were not at all about that subject.

For my particular experience, I took note of what was going on with regard to the female body and what women posted, how they choose to share themselves. When the posts and conversations constantly went sexual (even when people claimed to be all about true naturism or naked yoga), I felt quite discouraged (read “frustrated” “angry” “annoyed”), particularly in the early months of my clothes free journey last year. Ask my friend. He got an earful of my venting and rants pretty much everyday. Bless his heart.

I wanted very much to connect with women who represented themselves as active people, not just female bodies in search of whatever response they could get. I wanted to interact with women who spoke to their clothes free experience as a whole life journey. After many months and some help from my friend, I managed to take a deep breath, refocus and navigate through social platforms and began finding these kinds of women. Then, to have connected with them in person during this vacation was just more of a blessing than I could ever describe.

On Twitter I currently read and interact with @FelicitysBlog and @SocksOff1 the most. I also talk often with Isis Phoenix (@sensualshaman) about clothes free life.There are others out there just like them whom I have yet to connect, women who post about a wide range of topics. For me this is important, because these women present themselves not as female bodies in search of attention and comments, but as people actively and fully engaged in life. They talk about all sorts of issues and activities, they write wholesome, inspiring posts as well as wholesome commentary on others’ posts. These are the kinds of women who make an impression on me. These are the women who gave me hope when I wanted to give up on the clothes free thing. They inspire me to continue to step into my clothes free life as a whole person. And as I neared my clothes free vacation I thought, “How awesome would it be to finally engage with these kinds of women in person?”

IMG_8384 So, how awesome was it? REALLY FREAKIN AWESOME. I bonded with women at various workshops at the Northeast Naturist Festival at Empire Haven Naturist Park. I remember my first day on the grounds, I was in the outdoor pool cooling off, and I didn’t really know who to talk to or if I even wanted to talk to anyone. Did I need to talk to people? Was it enough for me to just kind of be around folks? But really, I wanted to talk to somebody. Finally one woman slid into the pool and inched her way into a conversation that was happening between a couple of people. I was actively listening from the side, smiling at some of the punch lines and laughing at comments. She made eye contact with and invited me into the conversation with a few lines. That was the open door, and I ran through it. I was grateful for that opportunity, and her presence and energy gave me a sense of safety and calm.

And guess what? I got to meet @FelicitysBlog face to face and attend her Do It Yourself body care workshop at the festival! She’s awesome (that’s my cue to you to go find her on Twitter and push the “follow” button, by the way). She shared a number of books and resources with us workshop attendees about natural body care and shared samples of her own DIY creations that she brought for this trip. You can read her post about DIY care here: It was so great to meet her and learn from her experiences.

Many women there created a welcoming atmosphere for me. Almost all of them would say hello, smile and leave space for a bit of chat. At the festival workshops I would connect with them as well, sharing recipes and laughter over jokes. It was absolutely amazing to be with such kind women, to connect and interact as everyday humans. These women weren’t preoccupied with sex and attention, and that was so refreshing for me. It was like being with sisters, that’s how connected I felt with them.

On the last day of vacation, we went to a clothing optional beach. There, again, none of the women I saw were walking around trying to get attention. There were all kinds of women there just enjoying the sun, fresh air and water like me. It was simple, and it made me feel at ease and comfortable to be there. No competition, no attention grabbing. All of us were just having an experience in nature.

It is very important to me to have these kinds of connections with women leading full active lives where their bodies aren’t the focus, where it’s not about getting a certain kind of rise out of an audience. I’m glad to have connected with a few online and I’m so happy to have met some in person during my clothes free vacation. I am inspired by what we shared with each other in conversation, laughter and presence. And although I don’t know that they are necessarily present / active on platforms like Twitter, I know for certain that they really are out there, and I’m forever blessed for having connected with them.

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4 thoughts on “clothes free vacation pt. 5: the women

  1. It’s such a joy to read about your positive experiences! Here’s a question, or a challenge, related to the perpetuation of this kind of engagement that you have sought so passionately, and finally found: are you ready to lead? How close might you be to running a workshop, or a similar event, yourself? 😉

  2. The nude community has so much to offer all of us in so many different ways. Since we all have different personalities we also have different needs, it appears you have definitely have found a place your needs can be met. So happy for your enriched experience.

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