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Naturally Naked Challenge with Molly Napolitano

Curators note:Huffpost writer issues a four week challenge to get naturally naked. It is the opinion of this curator that this is the kind of mainstream reporting on clothes free living that will normalize nudity.

5 Ways to Get More Comfortable Being Naked

I’d like to blame my fear of nakedness on being a woman in my fifties. But I’ve been this way since I was a young woman and I think it’s finally time for a change.

My poor husband is always trying to sneak a peek as I shut the door to my closet so I can change my clothes. I catch him looking in the mirror for that split second before I wrap my precious towel around my body as soon as I get out of the shower. Other times, when I get the nerve up to be completely naked, the lights need to be out. He’s always flipping the switch on and I’m always turning it off. It is funny (and we do laugh about it) but seriously, a guy deserves a good look at his wife’s body on occasion.

So I’m starting on a 4 week journey that I’m calling the Naturally Naked Challenge and would love for you to join me. Now for all of you women out there who are lucky enough to feel beautiful naked, you must think I’m crazy. But for the rest of you shy strippers, you understand where I’m coming from because you know you like to hide in your closet too. Here is our Naturally Naked plan for the next 4 weeks:

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6 thoughts on “Naturally Naked Challenge with Molly Napolitano

  1. “Now for all of you women out there who are lucky enough to feel beautiful naked, you must think I’m crazy.”

    I found this line very telling. Why must a person “feel beautiful naked”? As a man, I don’t feel beautiful or handsome naked. I’m just naked. It’s me. My body.

    Is this a woman thing that she must feel attractive or “beautiful” at all times? I bet even with full make-up and dressed in her best she does not hold a candle to a swimsuit model – even a 50 year old one. Most women don’t. So it’s quite likely that even when trying your best you are not “beautiful”. You are who you are. Funny nose, pudgy arms, fat ankles, and all. A coat of paint (makeup) and some clothes does not change your appearance significantly.

    I am not “proud” of my body. I’m not out to show it off. But I’m not ashamed of it, either. It does its job – it holds me together, it gets me around. I don’t look nearly as good as a lot of men, and I look better than some – and the older I get, the more that balance will shift.

    Get over yourself. You’re (most likely) not that good looking. You’re also probably not that bad looking. You’re a person. Like everyone else.

    1. Let me say the inverse is true, too. Take care of yourself. Be the best you you can be. If you don’t like being fat, eat right & exercise. If you are eating well & exercising and your body has a certain weight, blame your parents (genes) and move on. There is only so much you can do, but you can do something.

      I don’t buy into the whole “every body is beautiful” line. If you are eating poorly and not exercising, your body will get fat and that is a sign of illness. Address that, or you will get seriously ill – type 2 diabetes, joint problems, heart problems, etc.

  2. t is sad that so many women are not confident and think they need to hide their bodies. Thankfully my wife is not one of them. Place the blame for this on the media as they have portrayed what women are suppossed to look like instead of what real women look like, it’s an atrocity on the female gender.

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