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Learning to be myself

 All my life people have said, “Just be yourself.” But I had no idea what that meant. I had carefully crafted the skill of pleasing others: saying what I thought they wanted to hear, doing what I thought they wanted me to do, being what I thought they wanted me to be. That is what I honestly thought it meant to be myself.

My clothes free journey, especially clothes free yoga and meditation, has put me in touch with what it truly feels like to just be me. Doing a clothes free yin yoga practice as well as clothes free meditation has shown me what it feels like inside and out to be still, to stop moving, to listen and just be. I feel my body’s subtle inner workings. I can watch my thoughts rather than allowing them to drag me about and drive me crazy. There is a kind of stepping back and, at the same time, being fully and deeply immersed in the moment.

I have  the same experience when I work clothes free with the door closed at the office. I think, “If I didn’t worry about what I thought my boss wanted, and instead just allowed my creativity to fly, what would I say in response to this question this person is asking?” From there, a beautiful and bold response arises for the situation. The same happens when I interact with friends and family, slowly but surely. I am learning to step back from the distracting noise of what I think people want of me, and instead get fully rooted to what is real.

 I feel this amazing true and pure inner voice now. I haven’t heard that beautiful voice in a long, long time. It sings. It’s so beautiful what happens when I give it space to fully connect with what’s happening. My intuition comes alive, and through that true pure connection with the moment and the environment, I respond from a place of honesty and authenticity that creates something powerful and radiant not just for myself, but for others.

All this is unfolding thanks to my clothes free journey, a naked body and soul experience that is disrobing me of distraction and connecting me with what’s real. I now know how to be myself. I know that I can trust my intuition, because I have access to something beyond the surface that allows my truth to come alive and self express.

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