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British pubs drop karaoke for nude model drawing

Forget karaoke: Sketching nude models is the hot new thing in English pubs

“It’s been really good for business,” said Jack Andrews, general manager of The Lion in Stoke Newington, the pub where Whiteson runs his classes. “People that come to the life drawing come back on other nights.”
After a smoking ban went into effect in London back in 2007, art became an attractive way to lure customers into the pub, said Tony Pianco, 50, founder of the Life Drawing Society.
Pianco started hosting these classes more than a decade ago and has brought life drawing to more than a hundred different pubs, he estimates.
The bars make extra cash, and so do the models. The going rate is about $23 an hour, according to several models and organizers. However, the people posing get involved for more than just the money.

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One thought on “British pubs drop karaoke for nude model drawing

  1. This is awesome. I totally love it. I appreciate the discussion about issues that have arisen, lessons learned, and how the hosts continue to adapt it. I love the feedback from participants who talk about how, after being immersed in screens and stress all day, this is a constructive and calming outlet for them. So cool.

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